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What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a dry powder to metallic or non-metallic surfaces and thermally bonded. This protective finish comes in a vast array of colors and textures. It is applied to make objects look better and resistant to damage by the elements. There are different sorts of powders used for coating. Some of the most common types of powder coatings are Epoxy Powder Coatings, Polyester Powder coating, Acrylic, and Hybrid Powder Coating. You choose the best one based on your project needs.

Types of Powder Coating
· Epoxy powders are impact-resistant, provide the best corrosion resistance and adhesion. Not UV resistant, best used indoors.
· Polyester powders are UV resistant, great for outdoor use.
· Acrylic powder coats are mostly used as a clear coat.
· Hybrid powders-epoxy and polyester mix, blending two types of polymers depending on product use, usually indoors.
· Automobile rims/wheels-latest trend towards increasing durability of rims and wheels
· Manufactured shelving-enhances look and wear resistance
· Motorcycles/Snowmobiles/ATVs-protective shiny finish
· Bicycle frames-personally customize your bike.
· Lawn furniture-withstand the outdoor elements
· Architectural Steel-such as railings, doors, gates, and window frames.
Powder coating can be used in so many ways and it can be customized to fit a customer’s needs. Look online; there are so many amazing design projects that used powder coating for long-lasting protection.

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